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John Robert Gregg Award


Dr. Tena Crews was awarded the 2011 John Robert Gregg Award in Business Education at the National Business Education Association Convention in Boston, Massachusetts, in April 2012. The Gregg Award is the most prestigious honor in business education and is awarded for lifetime achievement. With teaching experience at the secondary and university levels, Dr. Crews is a professor in the University of South Carolinaís College of Hospitality, Retail and Sport Managementís Integrated Information Technology Program and currently teaches business communication. She has published approximately 125 articles in a number of business education and information technology journals and proceedings.  She has made many presentations at state, regional, national, and international conferences.  Dr. Crews was a co-recipient of the 2011 Delta Pi Epsilon Independent Research Award.


Past Recipients of the John Robert Gregg Award

2010 Carol Blaszczynski
2009 Larry G. Pagel
2008 Wanda L. Stitt-Gohdes
2007 Donna H. Redmann
2006 James Calvert Scott
2005 Judith J. Lambrecht
2004 Peter F. Meggison
2003 Marcia A. Anderson
2002 Robert B. Mitchell
2001 Bridget N. O'Connor
  Michael Bronner
2000 Lonnie Echternacht
1999 Betty J. Brown
1998 Betty C. Fry
1997 Sue C. Rigby
1996 Charles J. Inacker
1995 Sharon Lund O'Neil
1994 Mary Margaret Hosler
1993 Patricia G. Moody
1992 Joe Anna Hibler
1991 B. June Schmidt
1990 Lloyd W. Bartholome
1989 Wanda A. Blockhus
1988 Anne L. Matthews
1987 Leonard J. West
1986 Walter A. Brower
1985 Robert P. Poland
1984 Merle Wood
1983 J. Curtis Hall
1982 Gordon F. Culver
1981 Calfrey C. Calhoun
1980 Doris Crank
  Floyd Crank
1979 T. James Crawford
1978 Louis C. Nanassy
1977 F. Kendrick Bangs
1976 John L. Rowe
1975 Estelle L. Popham
1974 Lawrence W. Erickson
1973 Warren G. Meyer
1972 J. Marshall Hanna
1971 Ruth I. Anderson
1970 Alton B. Parker Liles
1969 Bernard A. Shilt
1968 McKee Fisk
1967 Samuel J. Wanous
1966 Russell J. Hosler
1965 Ray G. Price
1964 Gladys Bahr
1963 Paul F. Muse
1962 Herbert A. Tonne
1961 Paul A. Carlson
1960 Lloyd V. Douglas
1959 Ann Brewington
1958 Jessie Graham
1957 Hamden L. Forkner
1956 Elvin S. Eyster
1955 David D. Lessenberry
1954 Paul S. Lomax
1953 Frederick G. Nichols



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