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Independent Research Award


Dr. Kelly Wilkinson (left), Indiana State University, and Dr. Tena Crews (right), University of South Carolina, were the recipients of the 2011 Delta Pi Epsilon Independent Research Award, presented for the best research that advances any area of business education published in any review board or editor refereed journal. The citation is as follows: Crews, T. B., and Wilkinson, K. (2010).  Studentsí Perceived Preference for Visual and Auditory Assessment with E-Handwritten Feedback.  Business Communication Quarterly, 73, 399-412.


Application Submission Deadline:   October 1st


To download the application form, please click here


Past Recipients of Independent Research Award

2010 Sunil Hazari and Alexa North
  Investigating Pedagogical Value of Wiki Technology. Journal of Information Systems Education, 20(2), 187-198.
2009 Lynette Molstad Gorder
  A Study of Teacher Perceptions of Instructional Technology Integration in the Classroom. The Delta Pi Epsilon Journal, 50(2).
2008 Alan B. Czyzewski and William J. Wilhelm
  A Quasi-Experimental Study of Moral Reasoning of Undergraduate Business Students Using an Ethical Decision-Making Framework in a Basic Accounting Course. The Delta Pi Epsilon Journal, XLVIII(3).
2007 Heidi Perreault and Nancy Keith
  Business Students' Acceptability Perceptions on Using Workplace Technology. NABTE Review, 33.
2006 Martha H. Rader
  A Comparison of State and National Standards for Business Education. NABTE Review, 32.
2004 Jensen J. Zhao, Melody W. Alexander, Heidi Perreault, and Lila Waldman
  Impact of Information Technologies on Faculty and Students in Distance Education. The Delta Pi Epsilon Journal, 45(1).
2003 Catherine Chen
  Self-Regulated Learning Strategies and Achievement in an Introduction to Information Systems Course. Information Technology, Learning, and Performance Journal, 20(1).
2002 Jacqueline A. Burke
  Collaborative Accounting Problem Solving Via Group Support Systems in a Face-to-Face Versus Distant Learning Environment. Information Technology, Learning, and Performance Journal, 19(2).
2001 Judith J. Lambrecht
  Developing End-User Technology Skills. Information Technology, Learning, and Performance Journal, 18(1).
2000 William J. Wilhelm
  A Delphi Study of Entry-Level Workplace Skills, Competencies, and Proof-of-Achievement Products. The Delta Pi Epsilon Journal, 41(2).





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