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Past Recipients of Other Awards


Charlotte K. Graves

  Concepts Needed by Managerial Personnel in Automated Offices as Perceived by Office Systems Consultants and Collegiate Business Faculty. University of Tennessee, Knoxville, 1983.

Elizabeth Ann Regan

  Behavioral and Organizational Issues of Office Automation Technology. University of Connecticut, 1982.
1983 Robert E. Loth
  An Analysis of the Managerial Responsibilities and Educational Needs of Word Processing Managers with Implications for Future Word Processing Management Training. University of Colorado, 1981.
1982 Blanche Ettinger
  A Study of the Requirements and Business Procedures for Word Processing Personnel with Implications for Word Processing Curriculum Development in Two-Year Postsecondary Institutions. New York University, 1980.

 Ellen S. Walch

  Utah High School Sophomore Attitudes Toward Women's Roles and Non-Traditional Vocational Career Choices. Utah State University, 1979.

Norma Jean Olson

  Design and Validation of a Straight-Copy Typewriting Prognostic Test Using Kinesthetic Sensitivities. University of Minnesota, 1978.
1979 Aida E. Santiago-Perez
  A Comparison of Student Achievement in Beginning Typewriting in High Schools in Puerto Rico Using Special Spanish Materials Versus Those Currently Adopted. New York University, 1977.
1978 Roger Ditzenberger
  Perceived Barriers to Implementing a Distributive Education Competency-based Learning System. Iowa State University, 1976.
1977 Thomas O. Stanley
  The Development of the Test of Consumer Competencies. Northern Illinois University, 1975.
1976 Walter Lee Bishop
  Factors Affecting the Level and Development of Economic Understanding of Community College Students. University of Georgia (Athens), 1974.
1975 Jolene Davidson Scriven
  Opinions of Illinois Secondary Business Teachers Concerning Selected Political and Socio-Economic Issues. Northern Illinois University, 1973.
1974 Stanley H. Solomon
  Objectives of Undergraduate Collegiate Accounting Education: Perceptions of Educators and Practitioners. New York University, 1972.
1973 Betty Jean Brown
  The Relationship Between Supervisor and Student Evaluations of Teaching Effectiveness of General Business Teachers. University of Tennessee, 1971.
1972 Robert Arthur Ristau
  The Development of a Business Education Model for Methods and Procedures in a Planning, Programming, and Budgeting System (PPBS). University of Wisconsin-Madison, 1970.
1971 Franklin Eugene Butts and Gary L. Prickett
  The Effect of Audio-Tutorial and Programmed Instruction Laboratories on Achievement in Accounting Principles. University of Northern Colorado, 1969.
1970 John Hester Carmichael
  An Analysis of Activities of Middle Management Personnel in the Retail Trade Industry with Implications for Curriculum Development in Post-Secondary Institutions. Michigan State University, 1968.
1968 Harry Olson, Jr.
  Relationships Between Certain Personality Characteristics of Distributive Education Teacher-Coordinators and Job Satisfaction. University of Minnesota, 1967.
1967 Elaine Frances Uthe
  An Evaluation of the Difficulty Level of Shorthand Dictation Materials. University of Minnesota, 1966.
1966 Lester I. Sluder
  An Analysis and Synthesis of Research Findings Pertaining to General Business. Indiana University, 1965
1965 Harland Ebbie Samson
  Critical Requirements for Distributive Education Teacher-Coordinators--A Study of Observed Effective and Ineffective Behaviors of Iowa Secondary School Distributive Education Teacher-Coordinators Based Upon an Analysis of Critical Incidents. University of Minnesota,1964.
1964 Doris Anita Berry
  The Role of Office Practice Instruction in the Training for General Office Assignments. Indiana University, 1963.
1963 Arthur Donald Beattie
  Relationships Between High School Pupils' Information and Attitudes Toward Personal Finance. University of Minnesota, 1962
1962 Charles Frederic Kunsemiller, III
  Recognized Educational Needs of Independent Retail Store Owners in Selected Cities in California. University of Southern California, 1961.
1961 Milred C. Hillestad
  Factors Which Contribute to the Difficulty of Shorthand Dictation Materials. University of Minnesota, 1960.
1960 Dorothy Elizabeth Crunk
  Guiding the Teacher Trainee's Development of the Qualifications of an Effective Teacher--With Special Application to the Business Teacher. Indiana University, 1959.
1959 Herbert Mahlon Jelley
  A Measurement and Interpretation of Money Management Understanding of Twelfth-Grade Students. University of Cincinnati, 1958.
1958 Robert Manley Kessel
  The Critical Requirements for Secondary School Business Teachers Based Upon an Analysis of Critical Incidents. University of Wisconsin, 1956.
1957 Thomas James Crawford
  The Effect of Emphasizing Production Typewriting Contrasted with Speed Typewriting in Developing Production Typewriting Ability. University of Pittsburgh, 1956.
1956 John Albert Dettman
  Factors Related to Success in Teaching the Business Subjects in the Secondary School. University of Wisconsin, 1955
1955 D. L. Carmichael
  Teacher-Pupil Planning in Business Education. The Ohio State University, 1954
1954 V. A. Frisch

An Analysis of Clerical Business Typing Papers and Forms for the Improvement of Instructional Materials.

New York University.

1953 James L. Stuart
  A Scale for Determining the Attitudes of High School Business Education Students Toward Certain Aspects of Office Work. The Ohio State University, 1952.
1952 Forest Wayne House
  Factors Affecting Student Achievement in Beginning Bookkeeping in the High School. The Ohio State University, 1951.
1951 Herbert Alfred Hamilton
  Relationships of Success in Beginning General Clerical Occupations to Achievement in the Information and Skill Aspects of the General Office Clerical Division of the National Business Entrance Test Series. New York University, 1950.
1950 Charles B. Hicks
  The Technical Business Vocabulary of General Business Education. University of Michigan, 1948.
1949 Dorothy H. Veon
  The Relationship of Learning Factors Found in Certain Modern Foreign-Language Aptitude Tests to Prediction of Shorthand Achievement in College.
1948 Alton B. Parker Liles
  Some Factors in the Training of Clerical Workers--A Study to Determine the Duties of Clerical Workers, the Elements of Success in Clerical Work, and the Validity of Selected Guidance Techniques for Determining Clerical Aptitude. University of Kentucky, 1947
1947 Arnold Schneider
  A Statistical Study of the Learning Ability of Men as It Relates to Age, Education, and Intelligence with Particular Reference to Bookkeeping and Clerical Procedures. University of Michigan, 1946.
1946 William M. Polishook
  The Effectiveness of Teaching Business Arithmetic as a Separate Subject and as an Integrated Part of Junior Business Training. New York University, 1945.
1945 Sephen J. Turille
  The Achievement of Minimal Essentials in Consumer Business Information in Vocational Commercial Courses. Harvard University, 1943.
1944 Donald Coldwell Fuller
  Reading Factors in Typewriting. Harvard University, 1943.
1943 Dorothy C. Finkelhor
  Occupational Adjustments of Beginning Office Workers. University of Pittsburgh, 1941.
1942 T. James Crawford
  Frequency of Use of Gregg Shorthand Prefixes and Suffixes. University of Pittsburgh, 1940.
1941 J. Marshall Hanna
  Conflicting Viewpoints in the Field of Secondary-School Business Education, A Study of Fifty-Two Fundamental Issues in Business Education and the Opinions of Fifty-Eight Prominent Business Educators Regarding These Issues. New York University, 1939.



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